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SSOR has been dissolved by the end of 2018.
It keeps on moving within the scope of FPPR.
For interested party we keep the page alive for the time being.

SSOR – Swiss foundation for organs in Romania

The Schweizerische Stiftung fuer Orgeln in Rumanien (SSOR – Swiss foundation for organs in Romania) conducts help for self-help, through which young people are trained for manual professions in a Swiss model on the costs of the foundation.

It is a conscious matter of the two related special professions, organ building and art cabinet making, where a demand exists for the restoration and maintenance of historical cultural assets in the country as well as the production of quality products for the export.


Goal of the foundation

Parallel to the many charitable orientated projects, there is a desire for contributing to  the economic and social development in Romania, through the fact that young people are given a better chance to build themselves a qualitative competitive own existence.

Moreover the declared goal of the foundation is to help the workshop built in Hărman/Honigberg, Braşov/Kronstadt county, in Transylvania to achieve economic independence as a learning and production business as soon as possible.

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