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Financial summary

The endowment fund of SSOR is 110000 CHF. For construction and functioning of the workshop 1500000 CHF have been received until end 2006, most of it out of donations. Besides private sponsors others have contributed, notably the community Zumikon and also other communities, organisations and firms of the region. Furthermore an important involvement was that of the Federal Authority for Development and Cooperation DEZA.

For restoration and new construction of an appropriate building and a pupils home in Harman 280000 CHF have been invested, along lots of voluntary work. Further 150000 have been invested for the purchasing of most used machines and tools from Switzerland, 190000 for the build-up and running costs of the 1st year.

The financing of the training workshop is in this way secured, but for the covering of the formation costs to the financial independence of the project in a few years the aid of well-meaning donators is required. 

With thanks for the previous help hereby we express our request for further sponsorship

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